About Me, Morgan

Hello! Welcome to my blog. Let me tell you a little about us.

My name is Morgan. I’m a wife and boy mom. Our family loves to travel, play at the beach, cook, spend time with friends and most of all, be together. My kids enjoy creative activities, sports and outdoor adventures. You can follow along on their YouTube channel, Rolling Doggies, linked below.

An entrepreneur with ADHD. I love to explore all kids of new topics and activities.  A residential Interior Designer with a focus on kitchens, bathrooms and closets for over 20 years. You can see some examples of my interior design work linked below.

Back in 2008 I started a soap making company with my Sister-In-Law called Soapy Soaps. I love doing DIY projects and making things that are useful and healthier for my family.

Tyson, my husband is a musician. He writes music for use on television and in movies. Also a session vocals for other composers. You can check out his work, linked below.

Together we like to create delicious foods, and explore culinary delights. You can follow us on our food blog, Plated Glory.

I hope you will follow along and find something useful or entertaining here.

For more about us:

You can see some of my interior design work at M Design Studio, inc.

You can see Tyson’s music page at Tyson Yen Music

You can find our adventures in the kitchen at: Plated Glory

Follow along with the kids’ adventures: Rolling Doggies